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Cheap Cruises from L.A.

There are several easy ways to find a cheap cruise from Los Angeles. Here are some of our favorite tricks for getting the bargain you want.

1. The length of the cruise is a big factor. The short little 3-day cruises from Los Angeles will always be cheaper than a long cruise. To get good value, focus on the per-day cost of the trip.

2. When you go makes a big difference in price. The peak seasons are the most expensive. Early December is one of the cheapest times every year. Check the calendar of departures for the cruise you want to see the price variation.

3. Timing is important when looking for cruise deals. You may find a real bargain by booking your cruise at least a year in advance. The cruise lines love early bookings, so they encourage them with low rates. Reserving your cabin early also gives you the most choice -- nothing is sold out that far ahead.

4. Another way to use timing to your advantage is to look for last minute cruise deals. If a cruise isn't filling up, the price may be cut dramatically in the last 30 days before sailing. Selection will be very limited, but you could get a cheap deal.

5. The "wave season" (January to March) is the busiest booking period for cruises. During these months the cruise lines offer good deals to grab as much business as they can for themselves so they offer specials.

6. Cruise lines offer bargains to returning passengers. It's worth it to keep you loyal and coming back often. Join the cruise line's club for returning passengers.

7. Your age or state of residence can qualify you for cheap cruises too. Be sure to check with your travel agent or the cruise line.

8. Check out the list of top current cheap cruises from California.

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